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Why Join GILLESPIE Personnel Ltd.

Personal Service
At GILLESPIE Personnel Ltd. we believe in a team approach.  We pride ourselves in the fair, ethical and honest treatment of all our associates.  You are not just a number on a database – you are an individual.  This personalized service helps to ensure employee satisfaction.

There is a very low internal staff turn over rate at GILLESPIE.  You get to know who we are, and know you can always count on us. This consistency encourages an open and trusting relationship.

Our 24 hour telephone access system is always available to our employees. Many situations are best dealt with after hours and in confidence. This service is also available when you may be faced with illness or an emergency situation and will be required to miss work. Being informed after hours allows us to make a suitable replacement with little disruption to the client.

Positive Reinoforcement
Our employees are part of the GILLESPIE Personnel team.  Rewards are given based on exemplary work and positive critiques - movie passes, bonuses and gift certificates are enjoyed! Recognition and gifts are also given at Christmas, during Administrative Professionals Week and National Temporaries Week. We strive to create an environment that recognizes each employee for his or her contributions and special skills.

Professional Standards You Can Trust
We set for ourselves and adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards for our business conduct.

Incentives for Referrals
Earn cash for referring qualified applicants (please ask for details).

Payroll Benefits
We offer direct deposit, mail or after hour pick up for pay cheques.  Payday is biweekly.  At GILLESPIE Personnel Ltd. we recognize 10 statutory holidays for qualifying staff.  Holiday pay is included on every cheque and overtime pay is covered where applicable.

Free Registration
There is no fee to register with GILLESPIE Personnel Ltd. for work.

Right Fit
Meeting our employee’s needs ensures long term success.  This means keeping in mind the type of work wanted, wage expectations, length of assignments and the location of the job that works best for them.  Our employees are happy, treated well, and are placed in assignments well suited to their needs.  Often our past employees become clients.

Comunication between employees, clients and GILLESPIE Personnel Ltd. are critical to the success of the placements we make.  Always feel free to provide us with your feedback and requirements so that we can ensure a positive fit.