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Important Facts & Information for Temporary Employees

  • You are free to register with, and be employed by, as many temporary help companies as you feel necessary to keep you busy. Remember, however, that when you accept a temporary position, you accept the obligation to carry through with that assignment to its completion before accepting another.
  • There is no fee to you to register with an employment agency for work.   
  • Pay rates are determined by the skill set required for the position.  The rate of pay should be discussed with you and accepted by you prior to starting an assignment, but should remain confidential.  The wage should be fair and competitive based on skill set, previous experience and education as well as job specifications. 
  • Qualifying temporary employees do receive overtime and statutory holiday pay. 
  • The agency is your employer and is required to cover the employer portion of all governement burdens.  
  • Discussing rate of pay, time off, assignment details and all other concerns should be dealt with the agency, not the client. 
  • When updating your resume the agency should be listed as your employer - the client inofrmation should remain in confidence. 
  • Always be respectful of privacy and non disclosure agreements.